Beautiful Live Webcams

Display stunning high quality, live images from your premises on your website and around the internet

The Deckchair Service

1. Deckchair Camera

Hand built in the UK to the highest standards, each Deckchair camera boasts a temperature controlled, weatherproof enclosure protecting a high quality camera and custom electronics.

2. Worldwide Support

Each Deckchair camera is built to integrate into any environment, with worldwide power voltage support and internet connection supported over Ethernet, WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE.

3. Image Uploads

Once connected the Deckchair Camera will start taking images at specific intervals and quickly upload them to the nearest Deckchair Cloud cluster.

4. Camera Profile

Professional photographers work to optimise and create a profile for each camera. A profile of settings is cross referenced with the current time, weather, light levels and location.

5. Cloud Processing

Each image is passed through a series of filters to crop and tweak contrast, saturation etc. Your logo and brand name is applied alongside location and time information and it is resized to your requested resolution.

6. Distribution

Using the Deckchair API or simple widget you can easily showcase your camera on your website. We resize, cache and then deliver your images through a CDN nearest to your users.

And much more...

We have many more features including daily timelapse videos, social sharing tools, live image resizing, admin asset library, GPS accessory for moving cameras. Get in touch and let us tell you all about it.